Nearby Attractions

Peshawar is a living experience of venturing out into an ancient heritage world strongly reflected in the outstanding architecturally designed forts & museums, delicious food cooked by adopting centuries old traditional methods, the old & famous bazaars offering vibrant clothing, finest crafted footwear, rustic antique shops, mud & clay vessels, from carpets to spices. Peshawar truly exemplifies the spirit & splendor of its people.


Qissa Khwani Bazaar

The most famous market in Peshawar is Qisa Khwani Bazaar also known as the Street of Storytellers. This bazar is one of the best places to visit in Peshawar. If you are a food lover, thus, this place is a must-visiting spot. There are many food stalls as well as wall shops with famous chapli kebabs, boatloads of kahwa, and the signature green tea. Therefore, it is the best market to enjoy the atmosphere. Qisa Khwani Bazaar for travel-holics is considered the perfect traveling place.


Mahabat Khan Mosque

Mahabat Khan Mosque is another top attractions in Peshawar, KPK, and Pakistan. The Mughal governor of Peshawar built this famous mosque. The trip to this city isn’t complete without seeing the beautiful Mahabat Khan Mosque. The exterior is made with a facade of white marble. However, the interior is also impressive with multi-colored frescoes. It also has a variety of floral motifs.

Peshawar Museum

Peshawar Museum is one of the most epic museums in South East Asia. The highlight of the Peshawar Museum is the collection of Gandharan art. It also has 14000 items from different civilizations. However, this museum has weapons, crafts, household items, beautiful sculptures, coins, etc. This museum has one of the largest notable collections of Buddhist objects.


Sethi House

In a neighbourhood of twelve famous Havelis comes the Sethi house built-in 1884. The owners are wealthy traders, therefore, have businesses throughout South and Central Asia. The houses are a true masterpiece, located in the Mohallah sethiyan, thus, depicts amazing residential architecture.


Khalid Bin Waleed Bagh

The Khalid Bin Waleed Bagh or Company Bagh is at the center of Saddar. It depicts a classic Mughal expressive style with big trees and rose bushes. Therefore, it is a must-see park for the lovers of nature as well as history lovers.


Chowk Yaadgar

Located at the convergence point of roads and markets is Chowk Yaadgar in Peshawar. Nominated in 1969 in the memory of Colonel Hastings. This spot is popular for political and religious gatherings. On the contrary, on most days people visit this as a place to hang out.


Bala Hisaar Fort

Bala Hisaar Fort is a historic fortress that means “high fort” in the Afghan Dari language. Therefore, the name was the choice of the former Afghan emperor, Timur Shah Durrani. From its top, one can view a 360-degree view of the city below. People love this place and appreciate its beauty.


Wazir Bagh

This beautiful and relaxing place has a mosque, a pavilion, two spacious lawns, a lake, football land, and animals. The construction of Wazir Bagh took place in the era of Prince Shah Mahmood Durrani, the Durrani ruler in the 18th century.


Jamrud Fort

The fort of Jamrud is 18km east of Peshawar. However, Sikh general Hari Singh Nalwa constructed this historical landmark in early 1837. From Bab-e-Khyber one can view this significant spot.


The Cunningham Clock Tower

This tower in Peshawar is also known as the Ghanta Ghar. Built-in 1900, it stands 26 meters tall. The Cunningham clock tower, however, was named after Sir George Cunningham. He was a former British governor and political agent.


Khyber Pass Gate

The Khyber Pass is the most famous in the world, a part of the Silk Road. It is one of the most important gateways, therefore, suitable for migration and invasion. This historical monument connects Pakistan with Afghanistan.


Shahi Bagh

The name of this Bagh is also the “Royal Park”. The largest garden in Peshawar is Shahi Bagh. It covers areas over 100 acres. It has a large fountain. Quaid-e-Azam Memorial is also present in Shahi Bagh. This Mughal-Era park is famous for political meetings and social gatherings. Therefore, it is a place that tourists must visit.



It is a public park but the site of Gorkhatri has incredible historical landmarks. Gorkhatri is an ancient Buddhist archeology site. However, it becomes popular as a place because Buddha’s giant bowl was kept there. The meaning of Gorkhatri is “Warrior’s Grave”.


Hindu Kush Mountains

One of the most beautiful and adventure spots in Peshawar is the Hindu Kush Mountains. They are spread from Peshawar to Northern Areas. It is a beautiful mountain range, hence, people love to visit this mesmerizing spot.



A small picnic place in Peshawar known as Sardaryab is an amazing spot to visit. This place is best for families, therefore, one can spend quality time. However, the environment and atmosphere of Sardaryab is good and makes it a must-visit place. It is a confession to the Kabul River. It is one of the famous place for eating fresh fish.